About OneStrand

We have combined the shared vision and world-class resources of two industry-leading companies under the OneStrand name to provide our customers and partners with the most comprehensive set of solutions available for creating and managing your technical documentation and data.

  • We offer the most cost-effective, user-friendly S1000D solutions in the marketplace.
  • Our comprehensive set of tools provides our customers with everything they need to simply manage the lifecycle of their technical documentation.
  • We offer over 30 years of experience in technical documentation services combined with decades of experience developing information management software applications.
  • We’ve worked closely with regulatory agencies to deliver products and services that meet the stringent requirements of the defense and aerospace industries.
  • We earn our place each day with our customers and value long-term relationships.
  • OneStrand is more than a solution provider, we act as a stakeholder

In January of 2016, AEC Inc. in Sandy, Oregon and Absolute Data Group (ADG) in Brisbane, Australia entered into a joint venture under the OneStrand brand to maximize the shared vision of both companies while leveraging their unique skills and markets. Under the OneStrand brand, clients will receive both a software solution provider and an S1000D service provider.

AEC’s experience in creating and maintaining high-quality technical documentation, coupled with ADG’s vast knowledge of software solutions development, makes for a powerhouse of data management solutions delivered by OneStrand.